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What we do

We are passionate about creating something that you will be proud of. When we hear a client say, "I can't wait to tell my customers about our new site!"... We are excited too! We strive to make every site that we do will be better than the last. We enjoy finding new, innovative ways to utilize the latest and greatest online tools. Parkville Designs uses industry standard software Adobe Photoshop & Dreamweaver to create quality, standards-based websites and applications.

Who is Parkville Designs?

Commodore 64Parkville Designs was started by Greg Plough, MCP.  Early on, Greg dabbled with BBS systems on a Commodore 64 computer and a 14.4k modem that he received for Christmas one year. After serving in the United States Navy from 1990-1993 Greg got reacquainted with computing and began working towards a degree in computer science from Jefferson Community College in Louisville, KY. Greg took classes in Visual Basic, Cobol, Fortran and C along with various programming other languages. In 1998 Greg attended a seminar on how to manipulate text, place images and create links using HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). It was at that point that he realized the potential that the Internet held and knew that he wanted to become a part of it.

Greg designed his first website in 1999, which was a personal site to stay in touch with family and friends. At that time Yahoo, Lycos, Alta Vista, InfoSeek and Excite were the main competitors in the search engine market. Several years later, Greg began creating web sites on a professional basis for clients, friends and organizations.

Since 2000, Greg has worked on 50+ different sites and created thousands of web pages.

Greg currently holds an AAS in computer science from Maplewoods Community College.

Experience That Matters

Content Management SystemsParkville Designs has been creating websites for the past 15 years, from simple single page designs to sites containing hundreds of pages. Our experience can help take your site to the next level. We are currently working with the latest web tools including Jquery & .Net. We also encorporate popular social networking tools such as Facebook, Ning and Twitter.

In order to give clients control over making day-to-day changes of text and images, we design websites using a CMS (Content Management System). Plain and simple, in the long run you will save money as opposed to paying a developer for making simple changes. We can give you, or a member of your staff, the ability to make changes to your website without any programming experience or special software. Interested in giving us a try? Contact Us Today

What We Do...

Quality, Goal Centered Web Design. Your site should be designed and structured around getting results. If you're selling widgets, I'll help you convey that so that your website visitors realize that you're the best widget store around and do it within the first 2 seconds of the visit.  read more

What we dont do...

Rush Through Jobs, Websites for $100 (Unless you represent a truly worthy cause). Babysit your cat: snuggles, push deadlines back because of aunt myrtle's health issues (we love her though), spam your email address, or talk to you like you don't need to understand what we're doing.  read more
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