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Social Media Websites

We Do Web Design In Kansas City

We take great pride in delivering the most visually appealing sites possible. We understand the importance of your brands appearance and realize that your website is often times the first impression customers will have of your organization.

Parkville Designs has years of experience in today's leading coding languages. We program every site to be optimized for the leading search engines including Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Click here to get more information or pricing

Social Media Twitter

We Create Custom Twitter Backgrounds

If you are using Twitter as part of your social media network, your online brand will determine your success. Brand your Twitter profile with a Custom Twitter Background professionally designed by Parkville Designs!   Contact Us for info and prices.

If you’re not already using Twitter to help promote your business you are missing out on a great, free opportunity to spread the word about your company. Twitter is so popular because it’s easy to use, flexible and the majority of Twitterers use it while mobile. Best of all, Twitter is free, fun and very, very viral.   Get info and pricing

Social Media Facebook

We Do Custom Facebook Fan Pages and Icons

Facebook is one of the oldest and most popular social networks on the Internet. Facebook has rapidly increased in membership and is now a vital tool for your online social presence.

Facebook Fan Pages are now the hottest social media tool available. Keeping your online brand consistent on Facebook is another great way show your attention to detail. Seamlessly brand your Facebook personal or fan page profile with a Custom Facebook Package professionally designed by Parkville Designs. Our Custom Facebook Package includes a profile picture, custom landing page with video and/or newsletter opt-in.  Contact us for information and pricing

What We Do...

Quality, Goal Centered Web Design. Your site should be designed and structured around getting results. If you're selling widgets, I'll help you convey that so that your website visitors realize that you're the best widget store around and do it within the first 2 seconds of the visit.  read more

What we dont do...

Rush Through Jobs, Websites for $100 (Unless you represent a truly worthy cause). Babysit your cat: snuggles, push deadlines back because of aunt myrtle's health issues (we love her though), spam your email address, or talk to you like you don't need to understand what we're doing.  read more
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